Escapril: Start With a Time of Day

Trying to sleep.
Still awake.
What’s that sound?
Oh it’s my heart.
Where will I go?
What is my life?
Still up.
It’s so hot.
No, it’s so cold.
What is sleep?
I guess I’ll write a poem,
as I often do
at night.

A Time [Poem]

a time where

all girls have short hair

and all boys have braids

a time where

boys wear make-up

and girls let natural beauty show

a time where

girls run around football pitches

and boys dance ballet

a time where

we’re allowed to defy our gender

without the sniggers of our peers

That Time I… Almost Killed My Mum?!

Okay, so when I was seven I won a dance competition. The prize was four tickets to this amusement place called ‘The Milkyway’. It was really great there — lots to do.

I was having such a fun time, as was the rest of my family, until one devastating mini golf match. I was doing quite well, actually, and probably could’ve won… In my defence, my mum was standing too close to me.

You can probably imagine what happened next. I took my swing and the next thing I know, she was on the grass, holding her head, which was bleeding. Obviously, I felt terrible and like I was a criminal. I actually thought the police were coming for me and I was really crying.

I went in the ambulance with her and she had stitches. She was more comforting me than the other way around… I was in a terrible state! She was fine after she’d had the stitches done but I really felt like a criminal.

I hope we both learnt out lesson: don’t stand too close and always look before swinging…

Thanks for reading this post,