billions dead [poem]

so many corpses

without graves,

so many victims

forced to be slaves.

to all of us they serve,

not knowing why,

but this they don’t deserve,

they don’t deserve to die.

cracked or boiled,

baked or fried,

don’t forget the oil,

and murder on the side.

i cry each night,

for those who can’t fight;

they have no rights,

no future in sight.

the world is dying,

so many starving,

it can all be fixed,

but only if we change.

if we stop

if we look

if we realise

then maybe.


When I Die [Poem]

When I die,

I want that to be the most peaceful day of my life,

The happiest day,

Whether that be tomorrow or in fifty years.


When I die,

I want it to be my death,

Not anyone else’s,

I want to die my way.


When I die,

I want to feel it,

Just for a second,

Then be gone.


When I die,

I want it to end,

All the agony and the pain,



When I die,

I want to make everybody smile,

Celebrate and clap,

I want them to appreciate why,

Instead of putting on crocodile tears.



The World According To I

I can see things you can’t see,

Like the moon rising before the sun has drowned,

I can see the grass dying whilst it is living,

I can see the ocean disintegrating,

I can see the world falling,

and no one can see it but me,

so I will cry whilst you all smile,

so I will try for a while,

whilst you don’t need to try,

so I will let it be because otherwise

i must be crazy.