The Box and The Ball

The box is blue.

Inside the box is a ball.

The ball is red.

The ball doesn’t want to be inside the box.

The ball would much rather be inside a red box.

The ball jumps.

The box doesn’t move.

The ball learns to accept that it is stuck with the blue box.

The box doesn’t want the red ball to be inside it.

The box tries to open.

The box is stuck.

The box tries to crush the ball.

The box can’t get rid of it.

The box learns to accept that it is stuck with the red ball.

A yellow car comes.

In one movement, the yellow car crushes the blue box.

The blue box crushes the red ball.

The red ball suffocates.

If only, the yellow car had avoided them.

If only, the blue box had opened up.

If only, the red ball had jumped out.

At The Park

Today, I was walking my dog, as I always do, when he did the unimaginable. He saw a toy poodle, around his size (maybe a little bigger), and he was in love. We were in the park and the toy poodle was across the road from the park. I always let Pablo off the lead as usually he’s really good.

There was a car coming, however, and he ran in front of it. Very luckily, the car stopped and Pablo was not hit. However, he was so so close and I was literally crying on my way home because, if I’d have lost him, I don’t know what I’d have done. It would’ve been my fault and he’s so lovely and so stupid and I am so grateful that the driver was paying attention. If they’d have turned away for a second, Pablo probably would have been hit.

I did not let him off the lead again this walk and I don’t know if I can bring myself to let him off again because I really really don’t want him to die. Sure, he can be annoying sometimes, but he’s just a baby and he’s got such a pure heart. 😦

I love him so, so much…