Escapril: Girlhood, Boyhood

As a girl,
I learnt to cry.
As a girl,
I learnt to smile.
As a girl,
I learnt to trust.
As a girl,
I learnt to hate.
As a girl,
I learnt to wonder.
As a girl,
I learnt to forgive.
As a girl,
I realised
life isn’t easy
but it’s there.
As a girl,
I realised
the world isn’t fair
but it’s there.
As a girl,
I realised
many things
that still scare me now.


Escapril: Pick An Animal

This animal sleeps a lot,
they eat bamboo,
they’re under threat
so protect them we must,
because what is the world
without the furry, chubby
black and white creatures
we call pandas?
Ironically, I think it’d be a lot
less colourful.

Escapril: Liar, Liar

I was in a bit of a punny mood for this one.

Liar, Liar,
Isn’t that your name?
Lia, Liar,
Isn’t that who you are?
Liar, Lia,
What have you done?
Liar, Liar,
Sitting comfortably,
You know what lies you’ve told,
They’ll eat you alive.

Escapril: When The Party’s Over

I couldn’t help almost writing down Billie Eilish lyrics to this prompt! It was hard not to.

The music stops,
a drunk kid drops,
the world slows,
everyone goes,
so do I,
but not home.
I go somewhere else
where the party won’t end,
so I don’t have to think,
all I have to do is drink.

Escapril: Nourishment

What fills my body
with joy,
What fills my body
with hope,
What fills my body
with love,
is the blood within,
surging through my veins,
strong and thick,
telling me what to do,
who to trust,
that’s what fills me up.

Escapril: Without Your Name, Who Are You?

Without my name,
I am skin with a personality,
a body with a mind,
a mush of thoughts and feelings,
but no one to credit them to.
I am that anonymous quote
you once saw, from a forgotten
philosopher who had no name.
I am made of blood and tears,
but without my name,
who will come to my funeral?
I am tired eyes and blistered lips,
swollen heart and crushed brain,
because without my name,
I am a mess.
Without my name, who am I?
Forgotten or remembered
just as the one with no name?
How can you be remembered
if no one knows your identity?
Banksy, I suppose, I could become,
an artist who hides their real name
yet has great success,
like me maybe, without no name.
With my name, I have boundaries,
without it, perhaps I am limitless.
I am no longer limited to identity;
it might be freeing, to have no name.

Escapril: A Happy Place

the most beautiful
the most happy
the most wonderful
place in the world
isn’t a garden, or a house,
it isn’t a place
you can walk to
or look at,
the happiest place, to me,
is where only I can enter,
a secret tunnel,
and it’s right in the centre
of my mind.
you can’t find my happy place
but you can find yours

Escapril: Body As Friend (or foe)

my body is nice, sometimes;
she tells me when I’m hungry,
or thirsty, and reminds me
when to sleep.

my body is mean, sometimes;
she causes indescribable pain,
and blood where it should not be,
and sadness too.

my body is scary, sometimes;
she reminds me that I’m mortal,
and that I’m dying,
but she reminds me to cherish life.

my body is mine,
and we may have disagreements
just like family,
but we will always be together.