Escapril: Any Dreams?

in this dream,
i was sad,
in this dream,
i was lonely,
in this dream,
i was empty,
then i realised
it wasn’t a dream
at all.


Escapril: Describe a Smell

your hand over your mouth,
you look at what’s ahead.
sick, on the floor,
blood combined with it;
trampled lungs,
grey in dust,
deflated like a balloon,
easily unrecognisable;
a face beyond,
sunken eyes, open mouth,
charred fingers and singed toes,
cigarette still stuck in his yellow teeth.
you finally open your eyes
and realise the smoke alarm
has gone off.
you burnt your toast.

Escapril: Make It Rhyme

I struggled a bit with this one as I hate forced rhymes but I think it turned out alright. I mostly used a rhyme scheme but there were a few lines I strayed from it.

On an island,
Surrounded by sand,
Want to go back,
Stuck with only one backpack.

Inside is some coke,
and a cigarette to smoke.
Nothing to save me,
But maybe it’ll set me free.

I find some cards,
Solitaire is too hard —
I stack them instead,
Taking in turns with black and red.

No food,
No mood,
No time left to live,
No peace to give.

Only sorrow,
As I see only the now,
The future is gone,
Everyone was wrong.

I wasn’t going to be a boss,
But that’s not a loss,
What’s sad is I’ll always be without
anyone to care about.

No one will remember me,
I’ll be that dude who died at sea,
No one will know that I didn’t die at 20,
I died at 21.

Escapril: Celestial Bodies

Walking with the stars,
No oxygen required,
Having a vacation on Mars,
Maybe Jupiter next,
Hugging the sun,
Dancing on the moon,
Smiling all the while
back on Earth;
sometimes it’s easier
to think you’re up there
than down here.

Escapril: Not From Your Perspective

Galloping, Galloping,
I run, I leap, I fall–
Terrible agony,
Such pain,
I guess it’s up for review.
Please save me!
I guess I’m dead then.
How I wish I could have lived,
Freely on a field,
With all the other horses,
Us all together,
But instead I was ridden
until i broke,
and they will be too.

Escapril: femininity

This one is formatted differently. It was important to me to format it like this.

I’ve always felt insecure about my body. I’ve often looked at it and wondered why this is my body. Why could I not have someone else’s body? I see scars and stretch marks, I see fat and curves, I see a body type I wish I didn’t have. That’s the funny thing though, isn’t it? I speak to those with a different body type and they often say they’d prefer it if they had more curves, that they’re too straight down, but then I wish I could be more like them, I guess? We are never going to be satisfied with our bodies, we are never going to be completely happy, so we should just accept that these are the bodies we were given, and we should learn to love them. As much as I hate my curves, as much as I wish I could be just slightly taller, this is what I was given. So I’m going to learn to find it beautiful, just like how I found this world beautiful. Even the mud, and the slugs, I think make up the world in a beautiful way so we make up the world in a beautiful way too. The word for all this is wabi-sabi. I love that word. It’s about finding beauty in the imperfect.

Escapril: A Love Poem

What is love?
Intense, stupid, reckless.
What is love?
Unconditional, relentless, beautiful.
What is love?
Unknown, mysterious, scary.
What is love?
Tell me, please.
What is love?
I don’t know.
What is love?
Falling, crashing, surviving.
What is love?
I’ll find it.
What is love?
You’ll find it.
What is love?
Just trust me.

Escapril: Start With a Time of Day

Trying to sleep.
Still awake.
What’s that sound?
Oh it’s my heart.
Where will I go?
What is my life?
Still up.
It’s so hot.
No, it’s so cold.
What is sleep?
I guess I’ll write a poem,
as I often do
at night.