Hey, I’m Lia and just like pandas, I love vegetables and sleep! 🙂

I’m 17 years old, an aspiring writer, and a lover of cats. I have two cats (Smiler and Diego) and a Pomeranian x Chihuahua (Pomchi) named Pablo. Smiler loves to flick bottle tops off of tables; Diego prefers to climb palm trees — and, as for Pablo, just ask my ex-cuddlies!

If I don’t become a writer, I’d love to do something actively helping other animals live happily. 🙂

I love to blog, though, and I don’t really mind if my blog isn’t your thing — it’s just here, for me! If you happen to enjoy reading it too, then yay, that’s at least two people who benefit from this blog. 😀

NOTE: I have now allowed comments to this ‘about’ page merely so you can link your blog posts! I follow an awful lot of blogs now and I’m really struggling to read many of them at all — if you comment below, I will definitely check it out. 🙂

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