A Socially-distanced Wedding

It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and I was her bridesmaid, along with her sister. They didn’t even know if the wedding was going to go ahead because of current circumstances so, the fact that it was able to, made it even more magical. She was only allowed to have a limited number of guests so I felt quite honoured that she wanted me there.

On the day, I put on a t-shirt and leggings whilst my mum put on my make-up and did my hair. The hair was slightly clipped by some fake pearl hair-clips and we used some curling tongs to make it have a few curls. We went in the car for about an hour and forty-five minutes and stopped off at the house of someone we vaguely knew who was good friends with the bride’s mother. I then got dressed, with the help of my mum, into my pink bridesmaid dress that I’d be wearing alongside the other bridesmaid. I also had to put on some pink heels (jokingly I noticed later on that the bride herself was wearing trainers!). The bride had sent me several accessories, including the hairclips I’d put on earlier. I put on a fake pearl necklace and fake pearl clip-on earrings that she had sent me. I don’t have my ears pierced. She would have gotten me real pearls if I wasn’t vegan but she was very considerate of my lifestyle.

Arriving at the venue, I saw that the church wasn’t very big anyway. It usually would have about 50 people inside but had about 15 due to the social distancing. It was nice though. We had all been allocated a seat so I sat on my bench with my parents, waiting for the bride to arrive. She was quite a bit late but everyone knew that was just how she was! I noticed the groom getting a bit nervous but he was wearing a well-coordinated suit with a pink tie. Several of the men were wearing pink ties. I don’t think my dad received the message! The vicar didn’t seem too worried about the bride arriving late, as he didn’t have too many weddings because of the virus, so it wasn’t like he had a strict schedule.

I was called outside of the church when the bride finally arrived, in a gorgeous white dress that we thought made her look like a fairy princess. She was with her dad and sister and I was instructed that the bride would go in first, with her dad. Then her sister would go in and go to her bench. Then, finally, I would go in and go to my bench — which wasn’t very far to travel as it was near the door. There was a zoom call happening the entire time — to India as the groom and his family were all Indian. I felt amazed that they managed to get it to India, considering the church was in a bit of a remote location and I didn’t think that the signal would be very good!

There was a photographer wearing a face mask and regularly taking photographs of the event. At some points in the ceremony, we all had to put on face masks. Mine was pink with white polka dots so matched my dress. I got to hold this lovely bouquet of flowers and then I brought it home with me afterwards. A picture of it is below. The main colours are purple and white and there are several wildflowers.

The wedding was lovely. Even though it poured bricks of rain outside, it was overall a great day. Seeing the bride get married and looking so happy and in love was really special. Several people got a bit tearful! There was only one picture taken outside, due to the rain. The picture that was taken outside was the bride and groom getting rose petals thrown at them by the rest of the guests, including me. It was fun. I remember during the photograph taken of me next to the bride and other bridesmaid, I was feeling very anxious as I hate having my picture taken. The bride’s mother, my aunt, in an effort to make me smile, loudly exclaimed “vegan cheese” and we all burst out laughing.

After the wedding, I was very tired, but we still had to go back to my aunt’s house for food! There were speeches said, people cried, and the bride started unwrapping her gifts before deciding that the rest should be unwrapped once she moves house. She was moving house a couple of days after the wedding, which means that she’s probably moving house right about now.

My aunt always caters well to my vegan requirements and gave me a starter of falafels followed by a very spicy meatless pizza, which I needed a lot of water for! She forgot to give me the pancakes she had promised me for desert, but I didn’t really mind as she gave me some lovely vegan millionaire’s shortbread.

Overall, it was such a lovely day and I’m glad I got to celebrate with my cousin. She was also going to have a wedding in Mumbai which has been postponed. I don’t know when it will happen. She is also having a large reception next year, where she will invite everyone who wasn’t able to come to the wedding. I may have to get dressed up once more for that. It was so great seeing the couple so happy and they immediately went to a lovely hotel afterwards for a short honeymoon! I think it’s wonderful when you see someone that you’ve known your entire life find someone that they care about so deeply and that cares about them so deeply. It’s quite beautiful.

Also, trying to dodge the rain in a long dress with heels was very tricky, even with an umbrella. I had to hold my dress up as well so it didn’t get wet but it still managed to get wet and I got many pebbles in my heels!

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On May 29th I took an ancestry DNA test to find out more about myself. I have always been quite interested in my heritage because there are parts of my family I don’t know a lot about. I was under the impression that I had German ancestry because my Grandma told us we did, but today I found out that is not the case. I do not have any German in my DNA. However, I was still happy to find out that I am 12% Scottish, which comes from my mum’s father. He is Scottish. I am 88% Northwestern European (including Belgium but not other countries outside UK) and English, which makes my DNA a little boring. Basically I’m pretty much completely from this small island I call home and, even more interesting, is the fact that it told me where my ancestry is derived from. Surrey and Sussex. I have lived in Sussex for my entire life but I did not know that so many of my ancestors also lived in Sussex. It’s like I don’t ever want to leave Sussex now — because it’s where I’m meant to be.

It also tells me about other people who have taken the test who are related to me. I found out I have a 2nd cousin, some 3rd cousins, and a lot of 4th cousins. I have contacted a few of them but no one has come back to me yet. I am interested to know more about my family, particularly my mum’s father’s side of it because he left her as a baby, so we don’t know a lot about him. All we know is he was Scottish.

Another thing I did, once getting my DNA results back, was upload it to this site called Promethease which can give you a health report based on my DNA. It is very interesting and tells me about whether I’m more likely or less likely to get certain health conditions. For instance, I have a 1.42x increased chance of getting autism. As you might know, I am autistic. I also have a 99% chance of having blue eyes. I have blue eyes. It also told me I have an increased risk for certain cancers based on higher meat consumption; I am vegan so this actually made me feel better about myself. It also told me, in so many words, that I am more likely to be sad. Genetically I have lower levels of serotonin and dopamine. Another example is a higher risk of breast cancer. My mum had breast cancer so this makes sense for me. I was also made aware of other things that I already had issues with, so it’s nice to know that it’s because of my genetics and that I haven’t done anything wrong.

Overall, I was really intrigued by my DNA results and the fact that I am so unvaried. I don’t even know how it’s possible to be this British. Like, I thought we were all from everywhere so how can I be basically entirely from the UK? I don’t know but it’s interesting. I would also love to find out more about my ancestors but it’s hard to find out, especially when I know so little about some members of my family.

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