Escapril: Make It Rhyme

I struggled a bit with this one as I hate forced rhymes but I think it turned out alright. I mostly used a rhyme scheme but there were a few lines I strayed from it.

On an island,
Surrounded by sand,
Want to go back,
Stuck with only one backpack.

Inside is some coke,
and a cigarette to smoke.
Nothing to save me,
But maybe it’ll set me free.

I find some cards,
Solitaire is too hard —
I stack them instead,
Taking in turns with black and red.

No food,
No mood,
No time left to live,
No peace to give.

Only sorrow,
As I see only the now,
The future is gone,
Everyone was wrong.

I wasn’t going to be a boss,
But that’s not a loss,
What’s sad is I’ll always be without
anyone to care about.

No one will remember me,
I’ll be that dude who died at sea,
No one will know that I didn’t die at 20,
I died at 21.

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