Weather [Poem]

I think it’s raining;

at least my cheeks are soaking,

I think it’s cold;

at least my body is shaking,

I think there’s thunder;

at least my heart can’t stop racing.

5 thoughts on “Weather [Poem]

  1. i really like the analogy you’ve got going on here! anxiety does often bring this false sense of weather in that metaphorically you look for its causes when in reality they don’t actually exist. it isn’t raining but you’re crying – there’s no reason for it it’s just happening. and it makes it so hard sometimes because how can you cure something if you don’t know its cause?

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    • Thank you, I really love how you’ve analysed my poem. It should be one of those poems people analyse in school. And like it ends up becoming about something to tally different than the intended meaning because teachers are creative. 😂 Thank you again, it’s like you totally read my mind. Of course you’d understand all of it! You’re amazing haha.

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      • Haha yes! I love analysing poems, even when I’m not in a classroom – sometimes it’s actually a lot more freeing because you’re not thinking with essays and grades in mind, just for yourself. and thank you, but you’re pretty amazing for writing it in the first place!

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      • Tbh, you should be the next poet laureate, your writing is amazing. It always means something when an amazing poet like you actually reads and likes my poem. Thanks so much 🙂

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      • wow that is a big statement, thank you 😊 though I feel like I have a long way to go yet!
        and no problem at all! if I really like a poem then I can’t help but comment really!

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