Say What You Mean!

Something I struggle with a lot is people saying one thing but meaning another. I automatically assume that they mean exactly what they said, but this often isn’t the case and it’s very confusing deciding whether or not they meant what they said.

Sometimes, this makes me feel betrayed when they didn’t adhere to what they said, but it can be because they never really meant it in the first place. They were just making conversation.

For instance, someone says ‘oh we should do that sometime’ or ‘we should meet up’ but they didn’t really mean it. It’s something that a lot of people seem to say but not mean. It’s kinda suffocating trying to differentiate between a legit promise and a fake one. I just wish people would say exactly what they mean. It would make life a lot easier.

If people told me exactly what they thought of me, life would be easier too. I can differentiate between people who like me for who I am and people who want me to become something I’m not — and stick with the friends that accept me.

I just don’t understand why people always say the opposite of what they mean. It means that I get my hopes up for something that’s never going to happen. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of failed promises, but I still seem to get my hopes up because I never know when one is real.

Sometimes, promises are real, and I am so thankful for the people that say what they mean. For instance, when MyMindSpeaksAloud said that she’d love to go to a cat cafe with me, I was wondering whether we were really going to do it. Now it’s booked and ready for August! I am very excited about it, and it’s really happening, unless a cat-astrophic event happens that prevents it. I love puns.

If people just told everyone what they meant, we would all have a much easier time, in my opinion.

Do you find people confusing?


15 thoughts on “Say What You Mean!

  1. This is such a good blog post! Really enjoyed reading it. I agree it would be so much easier if people said what they meant! I sometimes find things like metaphors and idioms hard. It can make people seem really confusing. I tried to learn a load of them one summer, but there are still ones I don’t understand. Sometimes I feel like it makes me come across as stupid when I don’t get it. But perhaps it also makes me appreciate them more once I’ve learnt them because I’ve really had to delve into the meaning of each one. 😛

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    • I mean, I write poetry, and a big part of that is metaphors, so I kinda understand how metaphors work, having had to learn a lot of them for my writing. It’s just there is so much that is still confusing. Like, people always say things that they don’t mean and I can never tell what they really mean by it. And some sayings make my brain all muddled. People should just say exactly what they mean so that people like me don’t have to guess so hard. Haha 😂 Also, it’s hard to work out if someone’s joking or not. The world is a very confusing place.

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