Veganism is Never Perfect

I’ve been a vegan for four years and I’ve come to a realisation in that time: no vegan is perfect. We can’t be completely vegan. It’s always a process, and it takes many more years than I’ve been one to completely master it. The vegan society listed veganism as avoiding animal exploitation as far is as practical. This means that if, like me, you take medication with lactose in it/has been tested on animals, you can’t avoid it. I really wish my medication was vegan-friendly but prescription medications are pretty much never suitable for vegans. It’s a tough fact that you have to deal with, and realise that you need your medication so that you can function and help more animals.

Another thing is companies that aren’t vegan putting out vegan products. I, personally, am usually okay with this because I need to show this company that there’s demand for vegan products, and it also means that it’s easier accessibility. Most companies aren’t vegan; it would be pretty hard for me to get products from completely vegan brands.

There are so many little things that some vegans aren’t okay with, because they have the means to not be okay with it, but as someone who can’t buy stuff for myself currently, I can’t tell my mum about all the different things. I am as vegan as I can be, and I hope that one day I am even more vegan, but it needs to be accessible as well. I eat completely vegan, and my clothes are vegan too. I’m just saying that, if you’re considering being vegan, remember that it’s always a process.

You might think you’re a bad vegan, but you’re trying. We’re all trying, and that’s what matters. I worry about so many things but I have to realise that I can’t be perfect all the time. No one can be. I’ve made mistakes, too, and that’s okay, because my intentions were good. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m still learning every day. It’s a long process, but my veganism will never be perfect. I don’t think anyone’s is. That’s just how it is. Until the world catches up, we’re stuck in a mainly non-vegan world and we have to learn to cope with that. It’s alright to try your best, even if that best doesn’t compare to other people’s bests. You’re doing okay.


18 thoughts on “Veganism is Never Perfect

  1. I have a lot of respect for vegans! It’s a big sacrifice for what’s morally right and I think, even though it can be hard at times, the point is you’re trying and your intentions are to help animals!

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    • yeah exactly! Veganism is about doing what you can to help the animals. I am doing a lot more for the animals now than I did several years ago and that’s what matters. Thank you for this comment! 🙂

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  2. It’s difficult knowing 100% what companies are and aren’t vegan/cruelty free, as most companies have parent companies who aren’t!
    I’ve started being a lot more conscious about what I buy, despite not being vegan, to ensure as many of my products are cruelty free and eco friendly to at least make a little bit of a difference!
    I even started trying alternatives to cow’s milk but my parents kept buying normal milk 😒
    Lovely post 😊

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    • Yeah living with my parents is difficult in terms of veganism they buy so much different stuff. however, my mum likes alternative milks so that’s a good thing. Yeah the parent companies thing is so ridiculous and I’m not completely cruelty free but I hope one day I will be! It’s hard when you struggle to buy your own stuff though haha

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      • Toby gets sick of me standing around in a shop googling the company to make sure it’s cruelty free before I buy it 😂
        But yeah once I move out / move house and have a mini fridge in my room (yay) I’ll buy my own milk and it’ll be dairy free!
        What’s your favourite milk alternative? I’ve only tried oat milk!

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      • Try almond milk for sure! That’s my favourite. I started off with soya coz that’s what my mum always had but once I discovered almond I never looked back. i still have soya chocolate milk though. I find coconut milk disgusting, and dislike oak milk too. Rice milk is nice but very watery. Almond is definitely the best haha

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      • Yeah I thought oat milk had a weird aftertaste, Soya was next on my list to try – especially the chocolate milk!
        Everyone tells me almond milk is weird but my sister raves about it so will definitely have to try that one too!
        I’m not a fan of coconut in general so would probably give that one a miss 😂

        Tbh I think I’d quite happily find alternatives to dairy products and things like that, I literally just struggle with not eating meat because I’m so underweight and fussy 😅
        Maybe once I’ve got my weight sorted I’ll start trying different things!

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      • Almond milk has a subtle roasted taste if you have it normal, which gives a little aftertaste but it’s quite nice overall. There are so many alternatives to meat tbh now available but I honestly think that the dairy industry is one of the worst industries out there, so any less consumption of that is really good. It all counts. Vegan margarine is the best, especially Vitalite, which my mum prefers to Lurpak!

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      • I only have milk in tea and cereal because I don’t really like milk on it’s own!
        And yeah my mum always buys Lurpak which is soooo expensive! read a huge article on the dairy industry and it is awful 😢 contributes to so much pollution and eco problems!
        I’m always scared to try meat alternatives but will definitely try them one day!

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  3. Being completely vegan means putting in as much effort as possible to avoid contributing to suffering.
    If you’re doing this, even if you fail at times, you’re still 100% completely vegan.

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  4. I think being a “perfect vegan” is highly unobtainable. I feel some vegans forget the true definition of the word vegan-“…seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”
    ‘as far as is possible and practicable’ being the main part I’m speaking of, not everyone can be 100% vegan at all times, but as long as they are trying and not doing non vegan things intentionally, then they are vegan in my book.

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  5. Hi Lia,
    You’re right, 100% veganism is almost an impossibility, especially since animals products are used is so many day-to-day objects.
    Nailing down the diet is pretty easy, but total ethical veganism takes a lot more time and research to get right.
    It’s the fact that you’re making a conscious decision to try to achieve 100% veganism that matters though! 😀


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