So I was at a cafe today with my parents, just having lunch, when I overheard a conversation from the table next to us. A man was saying a lot of bad stuff about vegans. One thing he said was “if they were on my table, I’d have extra pigs in blankets”. He also said the line that I have heard so often from people; that if we didn’t breed animals, they’d be extinct. We actually over-breed them, so it’s a very false statement. Even if it were true, which it isn’t, I would much rather a species go extinct than have to suffer at the hands of humanity.

I know a lot of omnivores; the majority of the people I know are omnivores, and if they’re not, they are vegetarian. I don’t have any vegan friends. I hold my beliefs quite passionately but if I were to go around bad-mouthing them, I’d be a very unpopular person. I accept that it’s not something they’re willing to do. Whilst I’d like them to be vegan, I know that I have to accept them as omnivores. Being vegan is about passion and I couldn’t call myself passionate if I were constantly making them feel bad.

This guy had no right to talk rubbish about an entire group of people within society. He hasn’t even met most of us, yet he can be so rude. It kinda made me sad, because a lot of other people are probably staying similar stuff. Vegans aren’t the enemy; we’re just like you, except we live slightly differently. I’m so thankful for the small amount of friends I have, and I wouldn’t change them. But other people should not judge a book by its cover.

With me, it’s “is she antisocial?” “How rude!” “Does she speak?” “Stop fidgeting!” That is because of my autism and that is how I am judged. Next, because of my veganism, it’s “oh, she’s one of those.” “What does she eat?” “Plants have feelings too, hypocrite.” “Where does she get her protein from?” “Better not be friends with her, she’d turn me.” I have all these perceptions of me constantly floating around and it’s just upsetting to constantly have them in my life. Strangers, leave other strangers alone.Thank you.

I might not be what society deems ‘normal’ but I’m not what you think either. I’m more than just thoughts. I’m a person too.


11 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. That is really rude tbh. As you know, I’m not vegan but who am I to stop others from being vegan if they want to be? At the end of the day it’s a personal life choice and if someone chooses to live that way then you should respect them for it. Nice post 🙂

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    • yeah I feel like you’re a good friend and i’m happy to have you, just because you have different feelings about stuff doesn’t mean we can’t be friends etc, this guy seemed to insinuate that all vegans are not worth being friends with -.- thank you for your comment!!

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  2. I have a vegan classmate so when I made a batch of vegan cupcakes for the class… honestly, best things I’ve made in a while! Veganism, autism, Asperger’s, religion, culture – these things shouldn’t ever be a reason for estrangement, negligence or humiliation. It’s just hard to convince a society which seems so ‘cliquey’ – we just like categorising and stereotyping and it’s just not right. I’m quite glad someone else feels the same way.

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  3. Woah. Just because someone doesn’t eat meat or has a firm belief about animals, doesn’t make them any less worthy. This man had no right to say things before checking his facts Lia, keep your beliefs and don’t listen to what other people say!

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