Routine and Fashion

As you are probably aware, I’m autistic, which means that routines are a big part of my life. I can’t deal with someone changing the plan or not giving me specifics; it gives me a kinda meltdown. But sometimes I get overwhelmed with the plan too and then I have to cancel myself.

Due to my like of routines, my clothing choices rarely vary. I have to have the same style of clothing every day. For me, this routine is greyscale. I wear black, white and shades of grey in-between. I don’t usually vary from this colour scheme. I’ve been using it for several years now and don’t see it changing anytime soon.

As well as this, I have this houndstooth bag. One time, my mum went to a workshop for autistic parents, and they mentioned that the houndstooth design is fascinating to autistic people. I had this bag before my mum even went, so she found it really interesting that they were saying that lots of people like me have a similar interest in it.

Another thing is my footwear. I always have to wear boots; black, relatively small boots. Even in summer, when my parents are saying they’re too warm, I have to wear them. The texture is good. Unlike other footwear (*cough* canvas shoes *cough*) where the material really feels funny against my feet, they feel alright and they also look nice, so I wear them. I’m not a massive fan of the feel of my socks because they feel tight and itchy but they have nice designs and those designs make me wear them, and it’s hard to find nice-feeling socks that also have nice designs, because I have to have a nice design! Socks are also my exception to the greyscale rule. I can wear any colour of sock, as long as it’s a good design.

I wear clothing that is wildly inappropriate for the season. In summer, I had to wear leggings, and sometimes I’d get really hot and sweaty, but at least it fit in with my routine. And now, I have to wear the same coat I wore in the summer, which isn’t the thickest coat, so I get cold. But routine is always the most important thing to me.

Do you have any clothes that you won’t stop wearing, no matter what the season?

10 thoughts on “Routine and Fashion

  1. Whenever I’m having a day at home I pretty much live in leggings, including summer. As it doesn’t get very hot in England and our house is pretty cool even if it does, it’s okay to still wear leggings (plus they’re so thin anyway). I think tights is also something you can wear all year round too.

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  2. This was a really interesting blog post to read! I wrote one of my own last weekend, and I love reading about how other autistic people are affected by sensory processing issues. I’d never really thought of wearing things of the same colour, though I can certainly tell now how that would be more comfortable in terms of keeping the routine and not running into unexpected surprises every now and again. Although I’m personally okay with seasonal clothing changes (though, to be fair, I wear jeans, a tee-shirt and a cardigan all year, so maybe I do), my older brother struggles with adapting his clothing per season. When he was younger we used to joke he lived on the other side of the world, as he’d wear shorts in winter and long-sleeved clothing in summer!

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    • oh did you?? i’ll have a look! oh wow, it’s funny about your brother. Is he autistic or not?


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