Am I Respected?

The phrase “respect your elders” gets me a lot because, although I definitely do respect them, why do we just respect them? Why are young people’s views less important than those of the older generation?

This happens to me a lot in my family. I’m the youngest person there and I try to talk but I can’t, and when I do, I get “not now” (which really means “not ever” because it’s only relevant in that space of time, it isn’t relevant later), whilst my parents can talk without anyone saying that to them.

I respect everyone and everyone’s views but I do not get why age gives your views more value. Sure, you’ve had more experience, but the younger generation have a fresher mind. Sometimes, you might miss the true meaning of something without an insight of someone younger.

I am seventeen, nearly eighteen, and I wish my opinions were as important as those of people older than me. Even my brother, only a year older, gains more respect. I think it is because he is more mature and does not have autism (he has two jobs) that he is put in a higher ranking than me. He acts his age, whilst I generally do act like someone younger, but that’s because I am different to most people and I am not as independent as others. That doesn’t mean that my views don’t matter though, does it?

I might be young and I might not be normal, but I still have opinions and I still want them to be heard.

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8 thoughts on “Am I Respected?

  1. That’s so unfair! I think it happens a lot to me, too, around people who know I’m autistic. It’s like our condition makes us less of a person than they are, or less valuable than they are, and that’s simply not the case. Could you talk to your family about it? They may not realize they’re doing it, or that it’s affecting you so much.

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    • Yeah, exactly! I don’t think I can talk to them about it because it is kinda an awkward thing to bring up and if they dont realise they’re doing it then how can they stop doing it xD

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      • Ah, that’s a good point. It’s a difficult one, isn’t it? You can stand your ground, but you don’t want to push too hard and cause an argument or something. I hope you find some conclusion eventually.

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  2. I get exactly what you mean! I’m also the youngest and I used to get that a lot from my parents. I still respect my elders since it’s “polite” but I never like those who demand respect. Being older doesn’t mean you automatically get respect, it’s something you have to earn regardless of age. As I’m getting older, my parents are also starting to realise that my opinions do matter and that respect is not a one-way thing.

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