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The Recipe Of Me Tag

This tag was created by cakeandpoetry and I was nominated by leo.

The Rules:

  • Tag me as the creator
  • Tag 5 other people (i’m being nice ok). This means you can’t just say ‘i’m tired anyone do this’ (i’m looking at you leo)
  • Be a unicorn today because optimist yo
  • Give a method that you feel is the ‘recipe of you’.

    So, how do you get one Lia?

  • Make sure the recipe is vegan, or it wouldn’t be Lia at all.
  • Start off by pouring a load of passion into a small bowl, so that it overflows. She isn’t very balanced.
  • Add a dash of insecurity. Wait, no, not a dash. A bit more. Just a little more… STOP! I SAID STOP! Why aren’t you stopping? Ugh, just pour it all in.
  • Sprinkle over anxiety… Stop. Stop. Again? Really? -_-
  • Add a dollop of social awkwardness and autism. A generous serving.
  • Make sure to mix in some ink.
  • Just a touch of sugar. She isn’t all bad.
  • Get rid of a little of the passion and replace it with determination.
  • Get some tiredness.
  • Finish it off by whisking in cat whiskers.
  • Make sure not to overcook it. Oh no, it’s raw. Leave it be.

    And that is how you get one Lia. 🙂

    I tag MyMindSpeaksAloud A New Chapter Rose because they all need to post more often.


The School Book Tag

I suck at book tags because, you know, so many books, buttttt I did it! Woo!


Maths – A book that has two characters who equal perfection 

Image result

Now this book I read a long time ago but it is the dedication of Adam that held my heart. He didn’t ditch her; he stayed. The sequel was disappointing, though.

Biology – A book I would like to dissect

Image result

I LOVE THIS BOOK! It honestly made me think so much and I would love to read it again and dissect it.

Physics – A book with a lot of potential

Image result

I haven’t finished this book yet. It’s by the author of Cloud Atlas, one of my favourite books ever. It is so good so far, and so creepy. It definitely has potential.

Chemistry – A book I really bonded to

Image result

THE ENTIRE SERIES! Most sequels go downhill but they were just as amazing as the first. I love this series. I’ve even met the author in London!

English – A book that should be a modern classic

Image result

Yes, it’s another Patrick Ness book. Yes, it’s as amazing as the other one. Yet, this one definitely has classic potential. It’s awesome.

P.E. – A book that I raced to the finish with

Image result

This is really not a book I’d typically read. Actually, it’s completely different to my normal stuff. It was my dad’s book and he let me read it before him (because he takes forever). Honestly, it is so original and wow. I loved it. The research that went into it… Wow.

Music – A book that reminds me of a song


Image result

I’m not sure why but this book seems quite musical, as I read it, and I can’t say what song it reminds me of, but I definitely imagine a tune when reading it.

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The Winter Wonderland Tag

Thanks so much to Alicia for nominating me. This is the perfect start to Winter: just hope it snows this year… xD

The Questions

Do you like the cold?

I don’t like the cold when it’s so cold that I’m burning — without there even being snow! Talk about mixed signals. I like the cold when it snows because snow really makes you feel like it’s Christmas. I like the cold because I can put on hats and scarves (particularly my panda hat) and have an excuse to have some tomato soup (which is so hard to find vegan, but I found it, woo). I generally prefer being cold to hot because there are ways to become hotter but, when it’s hold, you literally have to put yourself in a freezer if you want to be colder. xD

Favourite part about Winter?

Getting together with family for Christmas. I hate receiving gifts because it is super awkward but at least I can be with my family that I don’t see too often. I don’t have a massive family and the family I do have live a few hours away so it’s a real pleasure when I can go and see them. Plus, they have this lil cat who is adorable (not as adorable as mine, obviously, but still adorable).

Does it snow where you live?

No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. I live in England, and in the South too, so it is the most unpredictable place when it comes to weather. It hasn’t snowed since 2013 and so it needs to snow this year or I am going to be a very sad panda.

Favourite clothing item in Winter?

Jumpers are typically Winter items but I wear them all year so I won’t count them. I wear my panda hat, which I love a lot.

Your favourite Winter memory

When I was younger, it used to snow almost every year. It’s definitely become warmer as the years have gone on. Some years, the snow would be so thick. I have this memory of my babysitter – Emma – looking out to the snow with us and asking if we wanted to go build a snowman. That’s the only year I’ve ever built a snowman but I can still remember it, even if I was maybe four at the time.

Favourite hot drink?

Does soup count because tomato and basil soup — mhmm. I don’t really drink hot drinks so soup is all you’re getting.

Best Winter book to read curled up in a blanket

I don’t really know, to be honest. I’ll just say the book I’m reading at the moment: Slade House by David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas, which I love). It’s an eerily creepy book but, when wrapped in a blanket, you feel safe from the contents of it. I definitely recommend it.

Best Winter movie to watch

A family tradition is to watch A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. We love it so much, and once we even watched it in Swedish! It was an interesting experience.

Do you do any winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating)?

I have never gone skiing or snowboarding, ever. Not once. I know a family friend lost their brother to a skiing accident though, so it’s quite dangerous sometimes. I have been ice-skating but I am not a professional as I don’t even go every year, let alone regularly. I usually hold the side too, because I suck. Dyspraxia is not a trustworthy friend.

Favourite Christmas/Holidays/New Years tradition.

As I’ve said for the movie question, watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Our family is rarely ever together (brother and Dad work and when brother is home he stays in his room) so it is nice to do stuff together when we can. Also, going up to my aunt’s. Last year we stayed home because our Nan would’ve been alone (half-aunt who isn’t very nice was off on holiday with her fella) but then she was ill so didn’t come anyway :o. At New Years, we don’t really go out much for fireworks because they’re ehh; we watch some New Years programme and I have champagne, which I hate, but it is our tradition. xD

I Nominate…

Alice Rose A New Chapter Leo

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Pizzaface Restaurant Review

So yesterday I went to Pizzaface, which has recently opened a branch in my town. They currently have only three places (two in Brighton, one in Worthing) but I am so hoping they continue expanding as they are awesome!

Firstly, the layout was great. It’s mostly wooden and I like the design. It is also bigger than you first expect. I didn’t actually go into the toilets myself but my mum remarked that they were wonderful.

The menu had so many options. Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan, or even want a pizza with fish on, there’s something for you! There were several vegan choices which made me happy.

The waitress was so attentive and thoughtful. She asked if we wanted water first and made sure to let us know that our orders could be switched around as we liked. I just had a vegan Margherita (without having to bring in my own cheese!!) and some vegan garlic bread, which I shared with my mum. She had a vegetarian pizza called The Woodsman, which she added anchovies to.

Her pizza cost £10 and mine cost £7 (but would have been £6 if I wasn’t a vegan), and the garlic bread and drinks were cheap too. It was £23 altogether and we made sure to give a big tip.

The food itself was lovely! My cheese melted great, just like normal cheese, and it tasted amazing. It was massive as well, for £7!? My mum said hers was good too. We had plenty of water if our drinks weren’t enough and the garlic bread was wonderful too.

We were so pleased with the service and the food, which is something so rare, that I just couldn’t help recommending this place to anyone who lives in Sussex. I will definitely be going there again!

We even got two vegan mints to end the evening and a lovely talk about the vegan and non-vegan ice creams offered, which they change around every 4 – 5 weeks, hence no menu for them.


Versatile Blogger Award



I haven’t done a tag for ages so I was really excited to do this. Thanks so much to Lia (P.S: awesome name!) for nominating me. 😀


  • Show the award on your blog
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Facts about me

  • When I was at first school, I was in a football club (with only one other girl) and professional footballers came and coached us. Back then, I was pretty sporty and loved football. That all changed at middle school.
  • When I was younger, I got two Chinese dwarf hamsters called Nibbles and Angel. As it turns out, the names were totally inappropriate because Nibbles was much more of an angel than Angel!
  • As a baby, my mum would put me in my brother’s old clothing, which was blue. One time, a passer-by said “isn’t he lovely?” and my mum got angry so she dyed all my clothing pink. For years, I had pink clothing and pink walls and pink everything — so much so that I developed an aversion and pink became my least favourite colour. I am neutral about it now but I used to not stand it.
  • I used to be religious. I am now an agnostic because I just want to keep an open mind about everything.
  • I once had a photo taken of an owl on my shoulder and it was one of my best experiences.
  • I once went up to London and met Scott Westerfeld, one of my favourite authors, and he signed my books.
  • I love Shakespeare. I have seen Romeo and Julie in theatres and I have his complete works, as well as a quote book!


I Nominate…

No I do not have 15 nominees! I am not made of nominees xD

A New Chapter

My Mind Speaks Aloud


The Manic Years

420 Ways to Reach the Sun

My Life In Words From 17

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Thanks for reading this, hope you learnt something new reading it ^^


The Pen of Worth

When I was at first school, we all had to write in pencils, until we were deemed ‘good enough’ for the handwriting pen. Now, I was a late developer too, learning to read and write later than other kids (though once I started, I couldn’t stop!), so at first school I was probably seen as “below average”. At middle school too. It wasn’t until secondary school that my ability went anything above “below average”. I even went above average in some subjects; not maths though, never maths. I think that was an indicator of my autism. Because I thought in a different way to the set tasks, I never felt good enough and I couldn’t get the grades, throughout the majority of my life.

Let me get back to the handwriting pen. Okay, so I was a late developer, and my handwriting could not be read very easily (though some teachers who cared had learned my handwriting, like it was some new language or something), so I did not get my handwriting pen. At the end of year three, everybody else in the entire year had a handwriting pen, except me. I even lied in middle school, saying that I’d received the handwriting pen, because I didn’t want to be seen as different.

This handwriting pen seemed to symbolise how worthy you felt as a person: the earlier you got it, the better. If you didn’t get it at all? Well, you suck, don’t you? It was such a small thing but it meant a lot and that was something that knocked my self-esteem. I was never worthy of that pen when everyone else was.

Why did a pen define us? What that pen did to me, to my confidence, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t worthy of another pen. Maybe I was worthy of a different kind of pen.

Have you ever had small things knock back your confidence? If so, what?


Daniel [Short Story]

Everybody is different; we all have something that separates us from our peers, but mostly we can deal with it. Mostly, we can put our differences aside and move on. In Daniel’s case, he couldn’t put it aside, because it was a difference no one shared. It was a difference no one could put aside – because they didn’t know about it. He had always been shy, Daniel, which was why nobody noticed. I was the only one, I suppose, and that was why he confided in me.

He’d sometimes just get up from his chair and walk out of class, when it got too much. I would sometimes slip out after him, to make sure he was okay, and most of the time he’d be shaking, but sometimes he’d just be staring at a wall, non-responsive. I didn’t mind though; I knew what it was like to freak out. I’d had my fair share of issues in the past, but I was better now, and I had decided that my mission was to help someone else face their issues too. Daniel was grateful, he told me often, but he told me that his condition was irreparable. I beg to differ, though this was before he told me. After that, I knew I could not argue.

He heard voices sometimes, he said, so I suggested schizophrenia and he said that, no, they weren’t imaginary, and I said that was what he’d think if he had schizophrenia, but he insisted it was something else. I didn’t quite believe him and I suggested he should go to a psychiatrist or something. He refused, saying they would only behave how everybody else does. He told me events happening right across the world and what people were saying, how scared they were. He could tell me, word-for-word, documentaries – before they happened. And it was then that I began to realise this was not schizophrenia. It was more of a… hearing issue.

He never told me about the other stuff though; the way he could alter sounds. It was only sounds, but sometimes it could break stuff. He didn’t think I’d still want to be friends with him if I heard that. I suppose, in a way, he might’ve been right. Things like that don’t exist, was what I thought, and he could not possibly have such a skill. He hardly spoke about it; not until it was too late, anyway.

It was a firework showing when things got really bad – like criminal bad. He couldn’t cope with the voices; he told me that someone was dying and that they were in France so he could not help them. He told me that he could hear so much but not change a thing. I now realise he hadn’t been telling the truth; he could change stuff, just not the kind of stuff you’d think of. He got agitated that night, crying and shaking, and people kept coming over and asking if he was okay. I had insisted he was fine but then the fireworks popped, like a balloon, and they were so loud I clawed at my ears for them to stop. Daniel wasn’t doing the same. I yelled at him, that it was too loud, but he was not listening. He was concentrating.

Fourteen people were deafened, for life, from that incident. I am surprised it wasn’t more. Several have phobias of fireworks. Others live a quiet life by themselves; they don’t want much noise at all. Although I was shaken by the incident, it didn’t give any permanent issues to me. It just made me and Daniel closer, I thought, that we had both been through such a disaster and that we were both fine. Little did I know that Daniel’s issues were far brighter and bigger than some fireworks. Daniel kept saying how it was his fault and I’d laughed and told him he was being stupid. Turns out, he wasn’t being stupid. He was being human. He’d told me numerous times that he couldn’t control it but I never quite understood what he meant.

Then, one night, a TV exploded in his house and he rung me. That was the night I realised; he wasn’t feeling guilty because he’d been there, he was feeling guilty because he’d done bad things. Not on purpose, of course, but he said that when he was angry things tended to go pop. He never told me about the sound altering but I figured it out, from all the clues he left lying around. You can only have so many broken TVs before it gets suspicious.

I think he might have been my best friend, Daniel, but he slipped out of my fingers before I could officially declare it. He told me that he had experienced war more times than most soldiers; that he could hear several wars at once. The bullets, grenades, screams; he could hear it all, and he didn’t like it. He told me he usually centred in on one incident at a time, to avoid confusion, but he could only seem to centre in on bad things. The good events were hidden, mostly. He knew instantly when I was in trouble though, and he’d always come running. I loved him for that. He didn’t have to come but he always did, except when he disappeared.

Daniel went missing on the 21st of October, two days after his seventeenth birthday. He had left one note, addressed to me, stating only that he could not cope and that he was sorry. That was all it said. I didn’t know whether he was dead, alive, or somewhere in-between. And the day I got stabbed, almost died, I knew he would not be there to help me this time. He would not avenge me like he used to. I had lost so much blood by the time they got there, they thought I wouldn’t survive. I thought I wouldn’t survive. One night though (I have no clue how true this is, because I was sedated), I woke up and I saw him at the window. I heard my heart thumping, and I heard my brain whirling, and then I heard a voice, his voice, saying “I might not have saved you then, but I can save you now.” That was the last time I saw him; I’m sure. I know, deep in my heart, that he had saved me once again. He might have left my life but he did not leave my ears. It might have been the last time I saw him but it was definitely not the last time I heard him.


Sorry I haven’t been so active recently; a lot has been going on. I’ve also been working on my instagram @bamboochewer, which I’d love you guys to check out <3.

This post isn’t going to be very long — it’s really just an apology post and to let you know I’m still alive. How was your Halloween? Mine was great because we had no trick-or-treaters so the sweets we brought were all leftover. :’)

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