Cats or Dogs?

Since the beginning of time, there has been one common debate: cats or dogs? I always thought I was a cat person, having lived with cats for my entire life. They understood me and I understood them. I loved cats. I still love cats.

Then, just over a year ago, I met Pablo. Pablo is a dog, and he’s so different to cats; he’s clumsy, noisy, and quite needy! To put it lightly, he’s a lot to handle, unlike our independent, quiet cats that only love us occasionally, not 24/7. However, I fell in love with him. Annoying as he might be, he always seems to put a smile on my face. Whether it’s his crazy sessions where he runs around wildly, or his calmer sessions where he’s still licking my face frantically, not letting me escape — I always seem to be smiling. I even smile when he’s naughty in public (barking, attacking people, being a wolf), whilst telling him off. He is just so full of character.

In my opinion, no such debate such as “cats or dogs?” should exist because they are just so different. Whilst cats are sophisticated and gentle beings, clever-minded and graceful, and dogs are a little dumber, but love you more often, filling the house with both chaos and humour. They are just incomparable, now I have been the proud owner of both. Diego, my cat, loves to climb trees and suck fingers, whilst Pablo prefers to lick feet and attack hands. They’re both so lovely and wonderful in their own way.

I would classify myself as a cat person but then Pablo comes along and licks me to death and I wonder whether I actually am. But I’ve realised that dogs and cats are too different to compare; they’re almost complete opposites. Cats are independent and gentle, dogs are needy and bashful, but they’re both interesting and quirky and I love them both.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post,



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