The one thing you need to know about rumours is that they are just that: rumours. Even if you’re sceptical or you can imagine so-and-so doing what was said — that doesn’t make it true. And continuing the rumours doesn’t help the situation at all.

If you believe a rumour, you are the one in the wrong, unless you have solid evidence. It doesn’t matter if the person actually did it; if you have no evidence, then you are the one in the wrong. It’s something you just can’t believe. A lot of these rumours are, in actual fact, Chinese whispers. You hear one thing and then suddenly it becomes something completely different! So there may be a little bit of truth to it but rarely is it as bad as you hear.

I know I have heard a lot of rumours in my life, and I’ve been subject to them too, and so many are just ridiculous: but people believe them. Usually, they believe them because the person who told them was someone they trust.

Rumours can destroy people. They destroy relationships, friendships, family… They destroy! And the rumour isn’t what destroys it — rather, that is the starting point; the real thing that does it is trust. You trust that someone you are close to will not believe a rumour over you, but sometimes they do, and that’s what breaks any form of relationship. The realisation that they don’t trust you like you thought they did.

Just don’t believe rumours, ever.

Rumours might be true, they might be false, they might be a mixture — but you don’t know and, until you do, just leave them out in the sun to melt away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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10 thoughts on “Rumours

  1. This reminded me once of an RE lesson I had a while back which explained the way things are exaggerated and changed over time like Chinese whispers, and the example of this was rumours.

    Tbh, rumours are just something for people to feed on like little gossip monsters, and it’s best to just leave the rumour alone and deprive them of their weird thirst for gossip.

    That’s the way I think about it anyway xD, great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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