To exclude: deny (someone) access to a place, group, or privilege.

Have you ever been excluded?

What did it feel like?

To me, the feeling of being excluded is something I constantly feel, when people choose to do something together

and I’m not included.

It is something I feel so, so much that I end up beating myself up for it. I’ve felt this feeling so much and it’s one of the main contributors to my lack of self-confidence. If I’m not included, then obviously I’m not good enough, and therefore I must be a terrible person in some way.

I get so lonely and this makes me feel even lonelier.

I want to not feel lonely but that’s not a possibility with this constant exclusion.

I just wish I was better, I guess.

21 thoughts on “Exclusion

  1. Heyyy, it’s okay + you are beautiful and amazing and if they can’t see that then they must be the one who is in the wrong.

    P.S when I saw the title I thought you got excluded [from school] or something xD

    P.P.S idc if violence isn’t the answer, I’d probably smash their faces in if they did that

    P.P.P.S your not alone, you have us, and although I’m lame company you still have me πŸ’—

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  2. I get this completely. Especially now that it’s summer, all my friends seem to be doing things and the only time I’ve left my house since being signed off last week was to go to my volunteering job on Wednesday. The real reason this happens is because we’re obviously far too awesome for people to bother with. We’re obviously so awesome they’re intimidated. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I hate feeling excluded from things that I would also like to be involved in. It makes me feel unwanted and like I’m not good enough for it. Sometimes we may make a bigger deal out of it than it actually is, but people need to understand how it hurts, not to feel or be involved in something. 😦

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