This is so awesome! Thank you so, so much for these follows ^_^

I want to thank My Mind Speaks Aloud for always being there for me and for generally motivating me to do stuff. This entire blog should be dedicated to her tbh xD Also A New Chapter for just generally being awesome and amazing.

Elm was one of the first blogs I followed and tbh she’s like who I look up to in the blogging community. Perfect Reverie just has to be thanked for all her spamming recently. Like, wow, that is a lot of likes. xD Wordedink and Evie are people who comment a lot and make me generally feel welcome in the community. Thank you so much you amazing bloggers. ^-^

I would thank every single follower but that’d take too long so I’ll just thank Pablo instead. Thanks for being so cute etc…

And thank youu for these follows! 🙂

26 thoughts on “50 followers!

  1. You are such a fabulous person!!! 🙂 Honestly you make me smile with your comments all the time, and I’m honoured that you look up to me! Ahhh CONGRATS, you deserve every follower and more!

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    • no thank you, i know we dont really know each other but literally ever since i started blogging you were who i wanted to becocme :’)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. CONGRATS LIAAAAAA! I may not have been here for long, but I know I’ll be staying! Good luck on you blog ventures, you deserve the best Xx

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