Game Review: Life is Strange

*Slight spoiler warning*

So, this game was such a massive trend amongst the Steam community that I just had to give it a shot. And I was not disappointed!

The first thing I just have to talk about is the sound track — it is so beautiful and wow and everything and I just love it! Honestly, it is the best game soundtrack I have possibly ever heard.

The graphics are pretty nice too, but the main thing I need to get at is how brilliant the story is.

This game is split into five episodes. You play the game as Max, a nerdy, aspiring photographer who’s just a little bit nosy. She finds out she has these crazy rewind powers and the ability to literally change time. It’s more than just some superhero story though; some terrible stuff goes on at Blackwell. A missing girl, a suicide attempt, and later, the discovery of the dark room…

It’s a game where your choices do matter. They can change a lot of the story but, ultimately, you discover that there’s one thing that cannot be changed: destiny. It was such an emotional thing too. Like, when you discover who the real psychopath is. That’s pretty darn shocking.

To be honest, I would love for the company who made this game to make so many more games like this because they are so brilliant. This game was brilliant. It was so moving and the story was the best part.

I wish I had rewind powers, to be honest. That’d be cool.

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Framed [Poem]

My name flicks off your tongue like

a splash from a fountain;

Yet you learn me as if I’m

a climb up a mountain.

Your eyes roll towards me like

a pebble down a hill;

Yet they’re also giving me that look

like they’re ready to kill.

I don’t know whether you’re

the one who wears binoculars

or whether you’re just a


I don’t know whether you’re

the one who sees my struggles

or whether you’re

the one who causes my troubles.

The Handwriting Tag

 Hi! Today I’ll be doing the handwriting tag. I was nominated by WordedInk for this — check her out. My handwriting is pretty terrible but here you go.


  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog name
  3. Write your favourite word and its definition.
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the title of your favourite song right now
  6. What’re you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself.
  8. Write/draw your favourite emoticon.
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging.


In case you can’t read (which is probable):

  1.  Lia
  2. Bamboo Chewer
  3. Schadenfreude: to laugh at others misfortune [I’m so nice]
  4. You’re cute. Also: Unicorns.
  5. Umm… No.
  6. Just a black biro 😛
  7. I love cats? ❤
  8. Can it be a kik one: In which case (insert weird drawing of a koala hugging a heart here)
  9. Meow
  10. Although WordedInk tagged you too, I’m still tagging My Mind Speaks Aloud because you have to do it 😛
    I also tag A New Chapter to do it, k?
    Furthermore, I tag
    You have to, k? K.

    Thank you for reading this post!
    It was actually quite fun to do ^-^

My dad

Yesterday, me and my dad had a huge row. He was going on about me snacking, as he often does (I was having some hummus and Pringles), and I was fed up of him always going on about it. Then, he called me fat.

Now, my BMI says I’m in the normal, healthy range and all my friends say I’m a good weight (though they might just be being nice) — but this is my dad. My dad called me fat. My own dad. I was crying and telling him to leave me alone but he wouldn’t even give me space. I’ve suffered with bullying and self-esteem issues a lot in my life and he knows that, yet he continues to obsess over this.

I don’t know what to believe, to be honest; I told my cousin (whom has suffered from an eating disorder for quite a few years now) and she told me he was mad, that he should not be saying that at all, and that it was my body, not his. I love my cousin so much and she always knows what to do to make me feel better. He’s her blood uncle and we’re quite close with her family (even though we can’t see them as much as we’d like due to distance) so I was quite surprised when she was saying that he was in the wrong, considering she’s known him for her entire life (longer than she’s known me, by four years).

I’m really confused now because my mum doesn’t like getting involved (though now she’s arranged a healthy-eating plan, woohoo, even though I don’t snack that much anyway) so I don’t have her opinion on the matter. But my dad thinks I’m overweight and he’s my dad and you believe your dad, you know? More so than statistics, I guess…

I was crying for so long yesterday over this and I don’t know what to think. 😦

Thank you for reading this post,



I guess I haven’t posted for a while.

I just haven’t been feeling so good, both mentally and physically. It was really hot today and I don’t like the heat because it makes me feel ill. I did have a nice day out with my mum though, but that was a temporary boost. Right now, I’m sad again. It’s just the worry, the constant worry, of not knowing what to do or whether I’m doing it right or whether I’m liked or what they want or I don’t know – just everything. It all gets on top of me.

It’s like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and I’m trying to swim up but my leg is caught in a rock and I’m running out of oxygen and then my oxygen tank just bursts and I’m gasping and I’m gasping and I drown.

I’m sorry I’m being so negative; I’m just so worried about stuff. I can’t deal with anything; I’m not ready to do anything. I can’t grow up, I’m not ready, I’m not. I’m really not ready. It’s so scary.

Sorry, hope you guys are okay. 🙂


To exclude: deny (someone) access to a place, group, or privilege.

Have you ever been excluded?

What did it feel like?

To me, the feeling of being excluded is something I constantly feel, when people choose to do something together

and I’m not included.

It is something I feel so, so much that I end up beating myself up for it. I’ve felt this feeling so much and it’s one of the main contributors to my lack of self-confidence. If I’m not included, then obviously I’m not good enough, and therefore I must be a terrible person in some way.

I get so lonely and this makes me feel even lonelier.

I want to not feel lonely but that’s not a possibility with this constant exclusion.

I just wish I was better, I guess.


This is so awesome! Thank you so, so much for these follows ^_^

I want to thank My Mind Speaks Aloud for always being there for me and for generally motivating me to do stuff. This entire blog should be dedicated to her tbh xD Also A New Chapter for just generally being awesome and amazing.

Elm was one of the first blogs I followed and tbh she’s like who I look up to in the blogging community. Perfect Reverie just has to be thanked for all her spamming recently. Like, wow, that is a lot of likes. xD Wordedink and Evie are people who comment a lot and make me generally feel welcome in the community. Thank you so much you amazing bloggers. ^-^

I would thank every single follower but that’d take too long so I’ll just thank Pablo instead. Thanks for being so cute etc…

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At The Park

Today, I was walking my dog, as I always do, when he did the unimaginable. He saw a toy poodle, around his size (maybe a little bigger), and he was in love. We were in the park and the toy poodle was across the road from the park. I always let Pablo off the lead as usually he’s really good.

There was a car coming, however, and he ran in front of it. Very luckily, the car stopped and Pablo was not hit. However, he was so so close and I was literally crying on my way home because, if I’d have lost him, I don’t know what I’d have done. It would’ve been my fault and he’s so lovely and so stupid and I am so grateful that the driver was paying attention. If they’d have turned away for a second, Pablo probably would have been hit.

I did not let him off the lead again this walk and I don’t know if I can bring myself to let him off again because I really really don’t want him to die. Sure, he can be annoying sometimes, but he’s just a baby and he’s got such a pure heart. 😦

I love him so, so much…

murder [poem]

poison sifts through my veins,

full flow, turning my eyes red

like your blood on my fingertips,

the knife is lying on the ground

my mouth is open

as i stare into your white

and my blue falls,

tears, tears, tears,

and i am insane