Repeat [Poem]

I’ve been thinking about how much we are judged and examined in so much of our lives, so I wrote a poem on it. Hope you enjoy!

 The room is round,

Benches all around,

Sitting are faces,

holding their cases,

judging my routine,

pictured on the big screen,

on repeat, repeat, repeat,

then they say, “take a seat”

and gesture to the lone chair

in the centre, but I’m unprepared–

their eyes examine, ticking like clocks,

they only watch, they don’t talk,

and the room is round,

benches all around,

i’m mute, no sound,

their faces surround,

and repeat, repeat, repeat,

“take a seat.”

I hope you liked this poem,


13 thoughts on “Repeat [Poem]

  1. Oooh I love how this sounds out loud, it’s got so much flow. I repeat, repeat, repeat that this is amazing! 😛💗

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  2. That is such a wonderful poem, and perfectly describes how judgement feels like. Do you mind doing a post on how you write poems? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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