Hi guys, I’m Lia.
I had a blog before, which I only deleted a few days ago due to personal reasons. I really regret deleting it (which is why WordPress needs a reactivation feature!) and this means that I’ll have to start again and try to re-gain all my amazing followers. If it isn’t obvious to you already, if you followed me before, my old name was ChewingBamboo.

I’m sixteen-years-old (seventeen in just over two weeks!) and I live in the south-east of England. I have two cats, and a puppy (pomchi – fluffy and so cute) who are really cool. I love to write, which is why I’m going to do this blog, and I like to draw cartoons too. Reading is a passion of mine and I have read all of my favourite author’s – Patrick Ness – books so I need more recommendations! If you have any suggestions, please do say, because I’d just love a good read! I’m up to anything that’s well-written and engaging.

This blog will be a collection of random musings, rants, reviews, and probably a little bit of my own poetry and stories. It will also probably include some personal posts about myself.

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Thank you so much for reading this post,


9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Aw I’m sorry there isn’t a reactivation button or click here, but I’m sure you’ll get back on the same level as your old WordPress 😌💕


  2. Best wishes on your start…..if it makes you better it happened to mee to


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